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Keeping your company finances can be a task that not only takes up too much time, but also involves unnecessary stress. Fortunately, there is an ideal solution that will allow us to focus on tasks other than balance sheets and financial statements.

Observing the development of the accounting services industry, it can be seen that the demand for this offer is increasing from year to year. Lowering the costs of running a business, combined with security, time saving, comfort and professionalism of experienced entities makes more and more business owners decide to cooperate with a professional accounting office. When running a small as well as a larger company, it is worth considering the advantages of such a solution.

The right decision

If you are looking for experienced professionals providing comprehensive, modern accounting services, with a guarantee of high quality service, the Credos accounting office is the ideal choice for you. A competent team, by combining many aspects of current accounting and legal knowledge, offers assistance in making the best decisions. Credos provides a wide range of services in areas such as HR and payroll, bookkeeping, accounting and virtual office. By ensuring the optimisation of settlements, it indicates financial solutions that support the development of your business. A responsible and committed team ensures reliable, efficient, effective and timely cooperation and optimal adaptation to the Client's needs.

Comprehensive accounting

Credos offers a wide range of accounting services performed with honesty and commitment, based on the highest standards of security and discretion. Provides service within the framework:

  • Decreeing of documents,
  • Records for tax purposes,
  • Preparation of statements, reports, financial statements, conclusions and tax returns,
  • Analysis of financial results and optimisation of settlements,
  • Project management, financial plans,
  • Representation in Social Insurance Institution and Tax Office,
  • Depreciation planning and recording of fixed assets and equipment,
  • Audit of books and records. Supervision of the internal control system. Ongoing control of the accountant's account, the balance of accounting and tax settlements,
  • Registration and updating of company data, Preparation of VAT refunds, Supervision of accounting books, tax revenue and expenditure accounts.

We enable online access to the ledgers. You can use our invoicing programme.

Advantages of working with the Credos accounting office

1. Saving time

It goes without saying that filling out documents on a monthly basis, keeping tax books, HR and payroll services, and dealing with matters in offices is a very time-consuming activity. The assignment of these duties to an external contractor saves valuable time that we can devote to the development of our business. The possibility of handing over documents to specialised employees who have extensive experience and skills avoids tedious tracking of tax law and the stress associated with the possibility of making mistakes in important documentation.

2. Lower costs

The choice of an accounting office allows to reduce the costs associated with hiring a qualified employee or maintaining the entire accounting department. In addition to reducing salary costs, we avoid expenses related to education, employee training, purchase of numerous programs, licenses, insurance, software, maintenance and equipment of rooms. An external company avoids these burdens and thus reduces the total cost of accounting.

3. Security

A reputable, reliable accounting office holding the C.I.K. Accounting Certificate is a guarantee of competence, professionalism and high quality services. Its experienced team assumes responsibility for compliance with applicable regulations and procedures, current tax and accounting regulations. The office also takes care of maintaining the confidentiality of data and updating knowledge and skills, as well as optimal adaptation to the Client's needs. Another important point is protection against liability for possible errors. Every accounting office providing services in our country is obliged to have a civil liability policy. In the event of an error by the staff of the office resulting in financial loss to the company, the insurance shall cover the penalty imposed by the control body.

Bearing in mind that the right choice of external accounting affects the quality of sleep, we encourage you to contact our office!

To sum up, cooperation with Credos professional accounting office provides entrepreneurs with measurable benefits. The client gains comprehensive accounting services, safety, time savings, reduction of operating costs and a relationship that contributes to a better understanding of the company's specificity. It is guaranteed to have up-to-date, comprehensive knowledge in the field of constantly changing tax law, to follow the professional press, in which the current regulations and their interpretations are published. Legal regulation of accounting activities and assistance in making decisions in this area translates into increased efficiency of the Client's work and affects a more favourable financial result of his company.

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