Full range of accounting services

Accounting services

o you bustle in and out different offices, trying to understand various rules whereas balance sheets, books and financial statements rob you of your sleep? STOP!

It is better to start developing your core business and let the rest to be taken care by our accountants. Full range of accounting services rendered by Credos means not only long- standing and wide experience in accounting, but also a team of specialists who truly like their job.

We could list here all areas covered by full range of accounting services rendered by Credos. Since you probably know them by heart, we will not take your precious time that you could make a better use of.

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  • keeping the books of account pursuant to the Accounting Act and related provisions as they now stand,
  • account assignment of documents in accordance with the company chart of accounts and substantial description placed by the client,
  • keeping records that enable tax settlements to be carried out, as required by legal regulations,
  • preparing depreciation plan and keeping records of fixed assets,
  • preparing annual financial statements in accordance with the Accounting Act,
  • keeping records of fixed assets,
  • auditing ledger accounts on monthly basis and carrying out settlements,
  • preparing reports and statements for managerial accounting purposes according to agreed formats and within agreed ranges,
  • optimizing the process of closing the books of accounts in order to accelerate managerial and statutory reporting,
  • project management,
  • designing and verifying internal control system,
  • creating, with respect to the client's needs and demand, the Company Chart of Accounts in accordance with the provisions of the Accounting Act,
  • ongoing monitoring of settlements which allows for efficient recovery and pursuit of economic activity,
  • preparing and handling the matters related to registering and updating the Company's data in the National Court Register, Tax Office, Central Statistical Office,
  • representing the clients before the Tax Office suitably to the obtained authorization,
  • preparing VAT refund declarations,
  • preparing applications to the Tax Office for tax interpretations,
  • supervising the books of account kept in the client's registered office,
  • monitoring current status of tax settlements and billings,
  • entering money transfers into electronic banking systems,
  • current financial analysis of the profit and loss account and other information necessary for an enterprise to operate properly,
  • linking together the client's computing systems and software applications with for example the SYMPHONY FORTE programme,
  • ensuring that information the client is interested in is accessible through the Internet from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night by means of safe encrypted connection,
  • systematic on-line preview of current status of tax settlements and billings, financial analysis, profit and loss account and other information necessary for an enterprise to operate properly.

The purpose of full accountancy is to relieve management boards of standard accounting activities and settle unusual financial projects. In Credos, we adhere to such fundamental values as integrity, accountability and openness in communication. Full range of accounting services rendered in Warsaw, Katowice and Wrocław allows our partners to spread the wings in key areas of their business. It also gives them the comfort of having permanent access to all data of their company (including through logging into our system) as well as an opportunity to draw on constantly widened experience and knowledge of our accountants.

We also know from personal experience that a good, trusted, and reliable accountant is not easy to find. However, over the years of conducting business activity we managed to create a team of enthusiasts of accounting processes who are always ready to support various orders. We are looking forward to doing business with you - Credos Warsaw, Wrocław, Katowice.