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Virtual office

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For some companies, it is not necessary to have their own headquarters - it is even an unnecessary expense. However, every activity needs to be registered - and here comes the option for a virtual office.

This is why more and more business owners are using a virtual office. It enables the proper conduct of activities both in the economic circuit and in relations with the authorities.

Virtual office Warsaw, Wroclaw, Katowice

You can decide where your company should be located. Virtual office Warsaw is an offer addressed to entrepreneurs who want to identify themselves with a company registered in the capital. Take advantage of the Virtual Office Wrocław offer if you care about easy contact in one of our Wrocław branches. Perhaps the ideal city for your company is Katowice? In this case the best choice is the Virtual Office of Katowice. You choose where your virtual office is to be!

Our company Credos offers this type of service, providing entrepreneurs with virtual offices. Warsaw and Wrocław are cities where our service is available. In this way, we provide our Clients with a registration and correspondence address, allowing for the normal functioning of the business. We collect and store correspondence and also offer bookkeeping. This enables all the necessary documents to be used immediately and their circulation to be streamlined. Official controls may also be carried out on the spot.

Our services are the best solution for you:

  • small companies that do not sell on the spot and do not have employees,
  • companies that organise themselves and their registered address is necessary for their registration,
  • owners who do not want to reveal the location of the company's headquarters; most often it is the same location as the address of residence,
  • economic activities, which are dependent on being subject to another tax office,
  • companies that are no longer in business.

Using our virtual office is the best way to significantly reduce business costs. Wrocław, Warsaw, Katowice - our branches are at your disposal. Feel invited.

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