Virtual office

Virtual office

At certain stages or in some forms of business activity, keeping an office is needless and becomes an unnecessary expense. However, every company has to be registered somewhere. This is why virtual office has become a solution of growing popularity among business entities. It allows companies to operate on the market in an exceptionally inexpensive way as well as to have relations with various authorities.

Credos' service consists in making registration and correspondence address available to our clients. Virtual office in Warsaw collects and stores correspondence on behalf of the clients; such service together with bookkeeping simplifies the flow of documents. Any official inspections might also be carried out on the premises of our office.

Virtual office is the perfect solution for:

  • small business entities which do not have the need to either sell their products and/or service in the place of conducting business activity or to hire staff,
  • companies in the course of establishment needing an address for registration purposes,
  • persons who do not want to reveal the place where their business activity is factually conducted, e.g. if this is their place of residence,
  • companies wishing to be subject to different tax office,
  • companies which have ceased doing business.

Should you wish to reduce the cost of your business, virtual office in the centre of Warsaw is an offer for you.