assistance in running the company

A company should have a management board consisting of at least one person. It is advisable for this person to be present on the territory of Poland and to be able to quickly take some actions related to the current operation of the company or to an emergency situation such as a lawsuit or control of the office. The lack of a rapid response, for example, due to the frequent presence abroad, may contribute to unfavourable decisions, which are difficult to reverse.

Those who do not speak Polish should remember that the legally binding document is the Polish version. Signing documents whose contents are not understood can generate unnecessary stress and doubts. As nominees directors we can offer our own employees or people to work with us.

The scope of a board member's powers may be strictly defined by the client and already defined in the articles of association. The Management Board may be authorised to sign only specific documents or to perform activities limited to a certain amount.

We can also provide nominees for the company (nominees shareholders), guaranteeing your security through a notary's promise to sell to the entity indicated by the Client.

We provide these services to reliable and transparent entities We do not provide such services to people who are trying to bypass the law, hide the real beneficiary or try to protect themselves from obligations. This service may be temporary, e.g. during the registration of the company, or permanent on an individual basis.

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