Legal services

Legal services

comprehensive legal support

Credos also provides comprehensive legal services for its Clients. Professional legal assistance is provided personally by experienced legal counsels and attorneys-at-law with the aim to ensure the proper protection of the legal interests of our Clients.

At the same time, our Clients receive preferential treatment as well as attractive prices, regardless of the scale of the problem or the size of the order.

The offered legal services are addressed first of all to business entities and their aim is to provide our Clients with support in all legal issues related to their business activity. The scope of our services includes, among others:

  • Commercial law: ongoing legal support for business entities and their governing bodies: establishing and dissolving business entities, creating corporate documents such as contracts and agreements and issuing opinions on such documents, representing companies before the Registry Court, debt enforcement services and many others;
  • Labour law: creating employee documentation, including contracts, by-laws, procedures and policies, assistance in establishing and terminating employment relationships, representing the employer in disputes with employees, legalising the stay of foreigners;
  • Restructuring and bankruptcy: conducting court and non-court restructuring procedures, representing both debtors and creditors, support in restructuring the enterprise and repayment of liabilities;
  • Real property: due diligence audit of the property, real property sales and acquisition, conducting administrative proceedings, handling the investment process, assistance in creating and negotiating lease and rental agreements of premises as well as office and commercial spaces;
  • Personal data protection: adapting the activities of enterprises and other entities to the requirements of European legislation, preparing the relevant agreements, procedures, records, and other internal documentation;
  • Compliance: building a comprehensive compliance system, including the identification of compliance-related risks and providing advice on risk management, with full legal and regulatory support;
  • Debt collection: pursuing liability claims in an amicable manner and in court, including litigation (also in writ-of-payment and enforcement proceedings), negotiating the repayment of debt, preparing settlements and agreements and issuing opinions on these documents, representing the company in court in debt enforcement proceedings.

We also provide services in individual cases of our Clients in such fields as civil law, family and custody law or inheritance law. Apart from that, we represent our Clients in the conducted negotiations or consultations, also before business partners or employees during negotiations, mediations, and disputes. We also offer legal and court representation and representing our Clients in proceedings before common courts of all instances, the prosecutor’s office, administration bodies, enforcement authorities, offices, and institutions.

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