Financial services

Financial services

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Currency advice - forecasting

We offer comprehensive and professional financial services to companies whose business involves incurring currency risk. We organise the entire process of managing foreign exchange transactions for our clients on an individual basis. We help to carry out transactions on the interbank market in an efficient way by comprehensively managing both current transactions and hedging operations. Over the several years of our activity we have learnt perfectly well the needs of our clients and the problems they encounter on the currency market. During this time, we have developed effective methods of solving these problems. Our activities not only bring added value to our clients in the form of real big savings, but also improve the processes in terms of organization of company finances, information flow, planning and supervision.

In the area of current foreign exchange transactions, we provide our clients with full and professional support through financial services such as

  • Timing - that is, choosing the right moment to execute current foreign exchange transactions. The very high volatility of exchange rates means that choosing the right day for a foreign exchange transaction, or even choosing the right time to exchange, plays a key role and is a source of great savings for the company. We know that our clients expect us to make a decision and to answer the key question: when to make a transaction, whether it is a few hours or a few days. We also know that appropriate decisions can save them up to several thousand PLN a day (see example).
  • Currency forecasts - our clients value us for the factuality and clarity of the forecasts presented. Our analysts will give you specific indications on the currencies of interest within the desired time horizon. We know that our customers do not want 'maybe it will decrease or maybe increase' forecasts.
  • Negotiations with banks - we represent our clients in most dealing rooms in Poland. Experience, professionalism in dealing with Dealers and full independence guarantee our clients optimal (fair) conditions for conducting foreign exchange transactions in banks, practically regardless of the scale of your foreign exchange turnover and previous bank conditions.
  • Management of current transactions - in addition to measurable financial benefits, our clients receive professional support in improving the processes related to the handling of foreign exchange transactions, i.e. information flow, planning, competence, supervision, control and reporting.
  • Forex hotline - we have access to current information, which is simultaneously provided from many professional and reliable sources. Fast receipt, processing of data and market information, proper selection of the most important information, delivery to the final recipient saves our customers time and reduces costs. At the same time, our customers can focus on the basic profile of their business with full comfort of knowledge of what is happening in the market environment.

Currency advisory services - hedges

The high volatility of currency exchange rates in the long run poses a risk of losing the profitability of trade contracts executed by importers or exporters. Long-term unfavourable exchange rate trends may significantly increase the financial costs of companies with debts in foreign currencies. In extreme situations, as past years have shown, companies can face bankruptcy.

The currency risk cannot always be eliminated, but it can be managed effectively. We offer our clients a professional service of creating and implementing an individual security policy. The aim of the policy is to minimise the impact of adverse changes in exchange rates, reduce the resilience of the company's finances to market shocks and thus ensure long-term stability.

In the area of security, we provide our customers with comprehensive and professional support through:

  • Analysis and assessment of foreign currency exposure - before undertaking any hedging activities, we thoroughly analyse our client's foreign currency exposure. The key objective of this stage is to assess the degree of organisational readiness of the company to launch a security policy.
  • Developing a professional security policy - we create a set of solutions tailored individually to the situation of our client. Our hedging policy governs all activities undertaken by the client in the area of hedging transactions. The policy defines, among others, the principles of concluding hedging transactions, regulates the competences of individual departments/persons participating in the risk management process, indicates ways of supervising, reporting and authorising transactions. The indirect objective of the security policy is also to improve information flow processes and to incorporate the policy into the current financial culture of the company by creating and describing appropriate procedures.
  • Evaluating strategies and instruments offered by banks - thanks to our vast experience, knowledge and access to professional analytical tools, we are able to evaluate the financial instruments offered by banks. We analyse and evaluate even the most complex banking products in terms of their practical suitability for the customer.
  • Hedge accounting - Our experienced foreign exchange market and accounting specialists help to implement and maintain hedge accounting (IAS 39).
  • Training of our clients' staff in the field of hedging transactions - we take care of the level of our clients' knowledge by organizing professional training in the field of the foreign exchange market and hedging transactions of various levels of advancement.

Financial services - EU subsidies, clearing

Your company has received an EU subsidy - congratulations, it is a great success and a great pleasure. We ourselves are beneficiaries of EU subsidies and we understand that receiving them is really only the beginning. Non-repayable aid brings with it many challenges in terms of timely reporting, meeting unclear criteria, maintaining communication with the authorities responsible for its payment and controls. For full success it is necessary to settle the project, which is often more difficult than just preparing an application or obtaining a grant. The clearing process must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the agreement or the approved plans in the proposal. The changing business reality often makes this difficult. Settlement of a financial project from EU funds is an arduous process of reporting, documenting the tasks carried out, the costs incurred and trying to meet the requirements for eligibility for reimbursement. We have gone through this process many times. Our financial services also include such settlements. We will be happy to deal with them again.

Financial services, analysis and business plans

Financial analyses are a very good tool for diagnosing the general and detailed situation of a company and facilitate making decisions related to the next stages of its development.

It is worth preparing them in the process of planning financial liquidity, the level of profitability or the expenditure we intend to incur on investments. Any investment requiring external financing also requires a professional business plan. Financial institutions expect information prepared according to their own guidelines and schemes. Financial analyses are also a valuable source of information for the management, often giving a different perspective on company processes.

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