I’ll buy an accounting office

I'll buy an accounting office

We will buy your accountancy office!

Do you want to retire and don't know what to do with your customers? Your accounting office is too small to provide you with an adequate income?

If you are faced with the dilemma of what to do with your accounting office, or if you just get tired of running this business, maybe we can find a good solution together. We can buy your accounting business on the terms of assignment, purchase of an organised part of the enterprise or purchase of shares. If the reason for the sale is low profitability, you may be interested in working for our company. In such a situation, in addition to the agreed terms and conditions of remuneration for the work performed, we agree on the amount due for the transfer of our clients to us. Given the fixed costs that accountancy firms incur to maintain their infrastructure, moving clients to us will contribute to greater profitability. Thus, your salary may be higher than the salary you receive when you run your own accounting office.

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